Some Basic Info

Age: 32
Location: Germany
Occupation: Websites and making money from home
Languages: Serbian, English and basic German
Hobbies: Basketball and Cycling
Relationship: Married

This is My Story...

It was autumn 2004... Few months earlier I graduated from high school of electrical engineering and was looking for my first full time job. I was just an average teenager who spent most of the summer playing basketball and video games... Finding a job was very very hard. Back then I lived in Belgrade (Serbia, small country in South-Eastern Europe) - a country that was economically devastated during 1990s.

I wanted to work but it wasn't possible at the moment so I started looking for some alternative way to make money. Internet was the only alternative I had, other then wasting hours reading newspapers and classifieds.

It didn't take long before I found some Paid to Click websites so I started "working"... I spent hours clicking on ads and reading emails... For every click and read email I was earning 0.1 cent... I was happy that I found something but as the same time I was paying more for electricity PC needed to run then I was earning from Paid to Click :D I needed to find something a bit more serious but I didn't know where to look.

I was "working" with Paid to Click for few months and then one day a unknown guy contacted me and told me to visit
It turned out that was big online forum for people running adult entertainment websites. I completed registration and started reading... and more reading, and more reading...

I think it took me about 2 weeks of reading before I gathered a courage to write my first post and ask some questions about stuff I didn't understand :) To spice up this story a little bit, I have found login of my old profile at - here's link. You can see that under "Join Date:" there is 12-07-2004 (December 7th 2004.)... I updated profile a little bit because lots of info in it was outdated (I visited that forum last time in 2011)... This is also one solid proof that I really started back in 2004.

Back to main story - I connected with lots of people from Netpond who helped me to create my first website and few months later I made my first $30... I was very happy but I was a bit sceptical... I didn't believe that someone will really send me my earnings. But I was wrong - soon money was in my account so I started working even harder. I opened few more websites, my monthly revenue increased to over $300 and everything looked just awesome for me. I thought I will build my little empire and live happily ever after from running adult entertainment websites... Man - I WAS SO WRONG :)

Few years later a new kind of websites appeared - Tube sites... First one was YouTube, and shortly after it gained popularity clones of YouTube "for adults" started popping out like mushrooms. I didn't want to jump in that train so I started moving core of my business from adult websites to normal ones. In October 2007. I founded basketball related website that became very popular among basketball fans in short time. I have created small sports and entertainment websites network that counted around 20 websites at it's peak from 2010-2013... In that period I had over 500.000 visitors a month in my network and my monthly revenue was over 1100 Euros (around $1300)...

Sadly, that awesome period lasted for only 3 years and in 2013. some of my most popular websites were hardly hit after Google's algorithm updates and Images search changes... Number of visits in whole network and revenue started going down month after month until it stabilized at 250-300 thousands visits a month and revenue of around 500-600 Euros. I needed to find some alternative again so I started developing various new projects...

In period from 2012-2015 I was developing Android apps, web based puzzle game, website for checking if social profiles are fake or real ones, website for finding official social profiles of famous people and brands, etc etc... Some of these projects made me nice profit, others failed big time :) Somewhere in that period I started looking for various opportunities for making money online (like doing freelance jobs or getting paid to play video games).

This website ( is result of knowledge and experience I gathered in the last 11 years. I started with writing some simple and basic stuff but over time I will slowly move to more advanced things...

Thanks for reading,
Dejan M. :)