Make Money by Clicking Ads

Making money by clicking ads is probably one of the oldest and simplest ways to make money on the Internet. Making money by clicking ads (or Paid to Click as others call it) was the first thing I found back in 2004. when I was starting to search for online money making opportunities...

Not much has changed in paid to click industry since then :) Core idea is stil lthe same - You are clicking on ads and earn up to 1 or 2 cents per click...

Most of these websites look prettier today and have added additional money making options over time. So today almost every paid to click website also has sections with paid surveys, free and paid offers, tasks and other usual ways for earning cash.

Here's list of the best paid to click websites I am using:

1. Clixsense is one of the biggest "Get Paid to..." websites on the Internet. Clixsense is in business since 2007. and their reputation is fantastic ever since. On average You will have 20-30 ads to click on per day which will bring in 3-4 cents. This is not much but good thing is that Clixsense offers many other ways for making money that will greatly increase daily revenue potential. You can take paid surveys, do tasks, watch videos, listen to online radio, take free and paid offers, install mobile apps, referring new members, etc)...

2. NeoBux is definitely my second favourite paid to click website. NeoBux is a bit smaller then Clixsense but is runing since 2008. and is still one of the best websites of this kind.

3. InboxDollars is the smallest of these three but website owners tried to compensate for that by giving You a nice $5 bonus after registration is completed, and additional $1 for filling up Your profile. Additional revenue can be made by taking paid surveys and searching the Internet by using InboxDollars search engine... You will get paid few cents and few sweepstake coupons for every few searches. Those sweepstake coupons can later be used to join sweepstakes lottery and win additional money for Your account.

If You need more trusted Paid to Click websites:

* CashCrate