Make Money by Liking Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is the largest social networking website and one of the biggest marketing platforms in the World. With introduction of fan pages few years ago Facebook created perfect platform for promoting of various products and services. Since then, everyone who runs some sort of web-based or web-related business is active on Facebook and is trying to promote his business to other people.

Facebook offers paid promotion of Your fan pages but it is just too expensive for some people. For example, to promote Your fan page to people living in USA - You will have to pay around 15-60 cents for each new fan of Your pages. Because of that, lots of companies offers to promote Your fan pages for just few cents per each new fan. Fans You will get this way will not be as targeted as they would be by using Facebook "Boost Page" option, but most of people don't need highly targeted fans anyway.

These companies I mentioned run websites with 100.000s members and when paid they will share Facebook fan pages on their websites. Page owners will get new fans, while members who liked those pages will get one part of company's revenue.

1. FanSlave is my favourite company for making money by liking Facebook fan pages. They offer lots of fan pages every day and they pay nicely - usually 2-5 cents for every liked fan page. One big advantage of FanSlave is that it has few other opportunities to make money (like watching YouTube videos, visiting various websites etc) so You'll be able to reach minimum for payout faster...