Make Money by Listening to Streaming .MP3 Songs

This one might sound a little bit like scam but it is not. There's a big website called Music X-Ray that pays it's users $0.10 for listening streaming songs from various amateur bands and artists. The only requirement to get paid for listening every song is to listen to it for at least 30 seconds.

If you like the song you can add it to favourites, you can replay it later, you can start following artist's activities (get information about live performances for example) or you can give artist a tip and directly support his work.

Site is financed from artists and bands who want to promote their work and gain new fans so whole thing is 100% legit.

How Much Money Can I Make???

Like I already mentioned - You are paid $0.10 for every song you listened to more then 30 seconds. So maximal potential revenue would be $12 an hour... However, this is hard to achieve in reality because there will be times when You have no songs to listen to...

The amount of songs You will get varies based on Your music taste and country/city You live in. Amateur band located in London won't be interested into promoting their work to someone living in Argentina for example, at least not before they become famous and start a World Wide tour.

After registration You will be able to select up to 5 music genres and up to 10 of Your favourite artists/bands. Based on those choices Music X-Ray will send You songs that match Your music taste.