Make Money by Listening to Online Radio - Introduction

How often do You listen to radio over Internet? I do it almost every day... About 2 years ago I discovered that I can make some small amount of money by listening to online radio. Since my PC is turned on every day because I need it for my job - making some extra money out of it seemed like a good idea.

Why Would Anyone Pay Someone For Listening to Online Radio???

For decades people were listening to radio and never got anything in return. For decades radio companies were making huge profits from advertisements in the middle of popular talk shows or Your favourite songs. Growth of TV as dominant medium in the World reduced revenue of radio companies because most of advertisers moved on and started promoting their services/products on TV. Growth of Internet's popularity in 2000s was another big hit on radio companies budget as even less companies wanted to advertise their services on radio.

Radio companies had to come up with some solution and they needed to do it fast - or to face extinction. And they did it - they started streaming their program over the Internet. However, some radio stations went one step further and started paying people to listen to their program over the Internet (sharing small part of their revenue from advertisements with listeners).

OK, I Like The Idea - Where Can I Join???

The best and biggest company for making money by listening to radio stations is called Radio Loyalty. However, they don't offer PayPal as payout option and they have problematic reputation for not paying some of their members for various reasons.

That's why I recommend NOT to use Radio Loyalty directly - instead register account at Clixsense website and use Radio Loyalty from there to make money.

Advantages of using Clixsense are:
1. Safety: Clixsense is huge website for making money online. Site has 100.000s of active users and millions of USD circle through that website every month. Radio Loyalty doesn't dare to fool around and not pay big players like Clixsense so your revenue is protected and you can be 100% sure that you will get money you earned.
2. PayPal: Clixsense offers PayPal as payout option (and lots of other payout methods other then PayPal).
3. Easier Payouts: Clixsense requires smaller amount of money to be collected in Your account before You can request payout.
Clixsense requires only $8 USD, compared to $25 USD which is minimum for payout at Radio Loyalty.
4. Additional Revenue: If making money from listening to online radio is too slow for You and You want to speed it up a little bit in order to receive Your money faster - Clixsense offers lots of other ways to earn money on their website.

How Much Money Can I Make???

This is maybe the most important question of them all - You will earn $0.01 every 30 minutes. I agree that it is very small amount of money but don't forget that You would listen to radio anyway so even few bucks every few weeks is better then nothing. Also, i want to mention once again that Clixsense offers lots of other ways to make money (some of them can earn you up to few US Dollars / hour).