Make Money by Playing Games

Making money by playing games is probably one of every average gamer's dreams. There are actually many opportunities to make money by playing games, but most of the people are not aware of them.

Just to clarify - I am not talking about casino, gambling, sports betting or any similar stuff... Also - I am not talking about professional gamers who play in big tournaments, or about successful streamers/YouTubers...

I am talking about average casual players who are playing regular video games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Minecraft, or various smartphone games...

This will be one long list, and I know it will grow over time because more and more gaming companies are starting to create money making opportunities inside their games... So let's start, shall we :)

Making Money by Installing and Playing Smartphone Games

1. WHAFF is name of my favourite app for earning money by installing new games on my smartphone (and playing them of course).

To start earning money with WHAFF first You will need to go to their website and install their app.
IMPORTANT: During registration You will be asked for CODE in order to be able to move on to the next step - Use Code: "CY80252" and You will be rewarded $0.30 after registration is completed.

Inside WHAFF app You will see several tabs - check them all out since most of them will be used for making money. Everytime You install games and apps - You will earn some money (20-30 cents on average for each game/app). Keep games/apps on Your phone, play/use them - You will be rewarded few cents every day.

Earnings can be withdrawn to Your PayPal account, or You can pick from several gift cards including Amazon, Google Play, etc...
Start now by visiting WHAFF website.

Making Money by Playing Browser Games

1. EpicMuseum is simple museum simulation game in which You will be developing virtual museum. Every day You will receive random amount of "Donation Points" from game. You will then use those points for upgrading Your museum and for unlocking statues. The more of these statues You have - the higher Your daily revenue will be. At the moment 10 EM Dollars (Epic Museum Dollars) are worth $1. Your in-game revenue can be exchanged for real money or for some of popular gift cards... Start playing by visiting EpicMuseum website.

2. GoldenTowns is town simulation game in which You will be building and developing Your town. Every day buildings in Your town will generate resources required for further development of town. When Your town is fully developed Your town will generate much more resources then when You just started playing... At some point Your time will start generating Gold from Gold mine. At the moment 1 Gold from game can be exchanged for 0.35 Euros and transferred into Your PayPal, Bitcoin or bank account... Start playing by visiting GoldenTowns website.

3. GoldenMines is cute browser based game in which You are running a Gold mine and hiring gnomes (mythological creatures) to work in Your mine. Every 10 minutes Your gnomes will extract ore... Ore can be refined into Gold, and that Gold can be transferred into real cash. So, the more gnomes You have working for You - You will gather more Gold (cash). Start playing by visiting GoldenMines website.

Making Money by Playing PC Video Games

1. Entropia Universe is science fiction MMO game with real cash economy. That means that players can deposit money into game which is then converted into PEDs (Project Entropia Dollars), but PEDs can also be converted back into USD and withdrawn to player's bank account. USD and PEDs have a fixed ratio of 1:10 ($1 = 10 PEDs). In short Entropia Universe is game in which You can invest money, increase it by playing smart and then withdraw invested money together with profits into Your bank account.
Entropia Universe is extremely complex game in which every decision You make counts. There are players (and companies) that invested $10.000 - $100.000 USD into this game and are living from profits made in game. Entropia Universe broke several Guinness World Records in past for the highest paid items in virtual worlds... Read this article at Forbes magazine official website just to see full potential of Entropia Universe economy...
There are however thousands of players who are playing EU without spending money in it and it is possible. You will just need more time to advance in game and to develop Your avatar but playing without money is very real.
I know players who raised value of their avatar by over $1000 USD in the matter of 1-2 years (with $0 invested) through items trading and other ways to make profits in game.
Website lists and explains most of things players can do in Entropia Universe so if You're planning to join this fantastic game make sure to check out - it will be very helpful.

2. SecondLife is my second choice for "Making Money by Playing PC Video Games" list... To be honest, SecondLife is the only game where You can earn virtual money and then exchange it for real cash (besides Entropia Universe)...

Unlike EU - SecondLife is rich social experience in which Your avatar can explore endless areas of virtual world that were entirely created by players (everything in SecondLife is players created content). SecondLife is game in which You can meet lots of people from all parts of the World, or to join virtual club related to Your hobby (for example reading books or gardening). You might be surprised to know that in SecondLife there are clubs where members from all over the World meet few times a week and read/discuss books, just like they would in real life.

There are no monsters and dangerous animals, there are no flights through space between planets, there are no weapons... SecondLife is not Your standard MMO game like World of Warcraft - but if You enjoy relaxing gameplay with chance to meet people and make some money by playing game - give SecondLife a try.

3. Planet of Dreams is the latest real cash economy 3D MMO game I started playing... This game is still in development phase but game core is already finished. Game graphics are still pretty ugly but like I said to one friend when we talked about this game few days ago: "Man, I am also ugly but it doesn't stop me from making money" :D :D

My opinion about this game is exactly the same: Game is still in development - graphics and everything else will be improved over time... The most important things in real cash economy game are: 1 that game can be played 2. that options for depositing and withdrawing money are integrated... Game passes both of these "conditions" plus few friends of mine successfully withdrew part of their earnings.

Give it a shot, You never know what game can become in 5 or 10 years. Players who were among the first ones in Entropia Universe and SecondLife decade ago are making enough money for a living from them today... Maybe it can happen to early players in this game too :)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention 2 things:
1. Currency in game is called PODC (Planet of Dreams Cent) and 1 PODC = $0.01 USD. To withdraw earnings You must have at least 100 PODC ($1 USD) in Your account.
2. Game has referrals system that rewards You for bringing new players in game. My ID is 993, please enter it in required field during Your account creation, then send me pm in game (my nick in game is "Toxic") to let me know You registered after reading this article and I will try to reward You in some way :)
Download Planet of Dreams.

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