Make Money by Playing League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in last few years. Riot Games, company behind League of Legends, earns billions in revenue year after year. Over 50.000.000 players play League of Legends every month.

Many of us who play LoL would love to be able to earn some money by doing it... I found few ways to earn money by playing LoL and I will share them in this article.

1. Streaming and Competing for Pro Team

This one was not hard to find as probably everyone who play League of Legends at some point watched LoL streamers or pro tournaments. Pro players, LoL streamers and YouTubers are making very good money from huge LoL players base and these people are actually making a living by playing LoL. The rest of us, around 98% of other LoL players, just watch them and dream about being them at least for few days :D :D

2. League of Legends Fantasy Contests

You are passionate LoL fan... You watch LCS every week, You follow pro teams, players... Why not use that knowledge to add additional layer of fun to watching LoL matches? Why not use that knowledge to earn some extra cash?
AlphaDraft is eSports fantasy website where players from all around the World are guessing winners of upcoming LCS matches - and the best players get cash rewards.

3. Playing Amateur League of Legends Tournaments

PvPRO is website where LoL players can earn money by competing in casual LoL Tournaments. This means that You can join for example 1v1 or 2v2 tournament and if You manage to be one of winners You earn some money. There are both free and paid to join tournaments so it is not necessary to invest money in this, Your LoL skills will be enough to get money rolling in.

4. Selling LoL Accounts

There are many websites where players buy and sell their League of Legends accounts. Some people made business around this and are selling unranked lvl 30 LoL accounts with 10-20 thousands IP for around $30. Prices of ranked accounts vary from $30-40 for silver up to over $600-700 for challenger ones. However, a lot of negative experiences circle around these website which is the reason I will not list any of them here. I have never bought or sold any LoL accounts, therefore I can not tell You what site is trustworthy - You will have to do research on Your own.

5. Boosting LoL Accounts

Lots of LoL players want to get into division higher then they deserve. Reasons are different... Some people want to get into Gold to get victorious skin, some want Plat-Diamond or even higher to get border so they can brag in front of their friends... But most of them fail... Actually, around 80% of all LoL players are in Bronze and Silver divisions. Those skilled enough to get to Diamond/Challenger often offer boosting service and they charge between few 10s up to few hundreds USD... Price range depends of Your current division and division You want to get boosted into. So there's definitely some big money on the table for high profile League of Legends players.

6. Giving LoL Lessons

If You are experienced and highly skilled player, preferably member of some pro LoL team - then You can become "League of Legends" teacher at one of websites where players can learn how to play LoL better, and You can get paid for sharing Your knowledge. In case You don't know about these online "League of Legends schools" - just Google "Learn League of Legends" and You will find few of them :)