Make Money by Renting Phone Lock Screen

If You have smartphone You already know what is Lock Screen. However I will explain it in short - it's screen that shows up after phone wasn't used for some time (screen where You unlock phone after not using it). Since that is one of the most frequently used screens on Your phone - there are companies willing to rent that space from You.

Here's list of companies I am using:
1. Slidejoy is name of the app I am using to make money by displaying ads on lock screen of my phone.

NOTE: Slidejoy can only be used by people with Android phones.

After app is installed to Your phone - it will replace Your default lock screen with their custom lock screen. That new lock screen will sometimes display advertisements or links to various articles.

It is Your choice if You will check out what's offered on lock screen or close it - You are getting paid in both cases. Your earnings are updated once a day so don't be confused if Your earnings did not change after seeing some ads.

In my personal opinion this is probably one of the easiest ways to make money with Your smartphone.