Make Money by Taking Paid Surveys

Making money by taking paid surveys is POTENTIALLY one of the most profitable jobs You can do online, from comfort of Your home. However, the reason I emphasized word "potentially" is because You need to have some luck to make the same amount of money from paid surveys constantly over long period of time.

If You are lucky, You could end up with several successfully completed surveys in 1-2 hours and You could be sitting on a nice revenue of $10 - $20... However, if You are unlucky, You could end up with zero revenue in period of 1-2 hours. How can that happen? Why is there such a big difference in revenue over the same amount of time?

The answer is - "Surveys You do NOT Qualify For"... Those are surveys You will open, You will answer several starting questions, and at some point You will be notified that You do not qualify for survey You started working on. If and when this happens - You will get $0.00 revenue and You will only end up with several minutes of Your time wasted for nothing.

If You are unlucky, You could literally spend 1-2 hours being rejected (survey after survey)... Happened to me few times... If it ever happens to You - just shut down PC and go do something else, WHATEVER else... Or You might risk breaking Your PC, Display or Mouse/Keyboard :D :D

But, let's try to forget negative stuff and be positive - because some serious money can be made by taking paid surveys. I will list few websites I am using to take paid surveys below:

1. StuffPoints is one of the biggest websites/companies where I have opportunity to take paid surveys. The reason I have listed StuffPoints as #1 in this list is fact that this websites offers paid surveys from the largest pool of partner companies. More partner companies = More surveys = More potential revenue...

Also, one more impressive thing about StuffPoints is range of payout options they offer. They have PayPal payouts, Bitcoins payouts, various pre-paid gift cards, lots of pre-paid video games cards, etc... Like most of websites of this kind, StuffPoints offers several other money making options (free and paid offers, watching videos, referring friends, etc) so if You ever run out of surveys (which is almost impossible) - You will have other things to do until new surveys arrive.

2. Clixsense is one of the biggest "Get Paid to..." websites on the Internet. Clixsense is in business since 2007. and their reputation is fantastic ever since. Doing paid surveys is just one of many money making options they have (CrowdFlower Tasks, Paid to Click, Watch Videos, Online Radio, Free and Paid Offers, Mobile Apps Installing, Referring New Members, etc)... Looking at just paid surveys - Clixsense cooperates with less partner companies then StuffPoints and that's the only reason I listed it as #2. I am using both websites (and I advice You to do the same) because surveys offered at StuffPoints are not the same as at Clixsense...

3. InboxDollars is a lot smaller website then first 2 I listed here. You will have smaller amount of potential surveys to do here but website owners tried to compensate for that by giving You a nice $5 bonus after registration is completed, and additional $1 for doing 3 mini surveys about Yourself (usual profile filling process). InboxDollars offer another nice thing - You can earn some money by using their Internet search engine... You will get paid few cents and few sweepstake coupons for every few searches. Those sweepstake coupons can later be used to join sweepstakes lottery and win additional money for Your account.