Make Money by Testing Websites

Working as website tester is one of the best ways to make money from home. You will be paid to browse various websites (or apps) and to give website owner Your opinion about features, usability, design, etc...

Working as websites tester has much higher revenue potential then any other way to make money online (like clicking on ads, watching videos, taking paid surveys, etc)... On average You can make around $10 USD for every approved website tested, and maximum amount of time You might spend per 1 testing is 20-30 minutes (up to 1 hour with preparations for doing test and with filling up survey after test is finished). This gives us $10 - $20 USD / Hour revenue potential which is higher then most regular offline jobs. Also - testing websites is not boring like some other ways to make money online (paid surveys and CrowdFlower tasks for example).


Unlike many other ways to make money online - person who wants to work as website tester will have to pass some requirements.
1. You must be able to fluently speak English. This doesn't mean that English must be Your 1st language - it just means that You must be able to talk in English for 20-30 minutes about something (some website in this case). English is not my 1st language (it is my 2nd) and I managed to be accepted by lots of websites testing companies, and what's even more important - I had some of tests rated with maximum scores. Of course, if You're lucky to be born in some of English speaking countries - that is just one big plus for You.
2. You need microphone and fast Internet connection.
3. 1 Hour of Your time. Plan to spend one hour before You start doing test.
Do not start test if You need to leave house in 30 minutes. Do not start doing test in the middle of something else (preparing meal for example). You need to be concentrated on test and website You are testing. Someone is paying for Your opinion and expects to receive high quality service for that.

Things You Don't Need:
1. Web camera (You do not record Your face, just Your voice and Your screen)
2. Experience
3. Screen recording software (every website testing company will provide You with their screen recording software)

Short Description of Job:

Your job as website tester will be to record video of You using some website or app.
- Test will consist of several mini-tasks where one mini-task can be something like: "Use website search box to find something", or "Give Your opinion about website looks"...
- You are required to talk whole time, to express Your opinion about everything You see, do and think (for example when You are thinking about way to solve some mini-task).
After all mini-tasks are finished You will stop screen recording. Video will be automatically uploaded to website testing company website.
- In most cases You will need to take a short survey after recording is stopped. It is either survey related to website You have tested or survey about website testing company and their screen recording software (or sometimes both of them).
And that's it - after test is finished it will take some time before Your work is approved and rated (few days usually). If test gets approved You will receive money in Your account.

Example of Good Website Testing:

Short Video With Some Advices:

List of companies that are hiring website testers:

1. WhatUsersDo
2. TryMyUI
These are companies that have paid me already, I will add more of them after I receive payments.