Make Money by Watching YouTube Videos

We all know what YouTube is - the most popular streaming videos website today, that it was purchased by Google several years ago and that it is one of the biggest money making machines on the Internet. YouTube is visited by hundreds of millions people from all around the World every day which makes it one of the most interesting online marketing platforms. Millions of companies, small business owners, artists, experts, hobbyists, video gamers, etc are creating videos in order to either promote their company/service or to make money from using YouTube partner program. In both cases, they want to have lots of views, subscribers, good ratings etc...

Problem is - growing YouTube channel and promoting videos is tough, especially for beginners. When You have 50.000 subscribers and 10 millions channel views - it is easy to make next video(s) seen by 100.000 people. But when You have 10 subscribers and 100 channel views - making Your videos seen by anyone is almost impossible.

Luckily, there are companies that can help with promotion of YouTube videos and channels. YouTubers (YouTube channel owners) can pay those companies to promote their videos. These companies run websites with 100.000s members and when paid they will share videos on their websites. YouTubers will get views and subscribers that will help their channels grow rapidly, while members who watch videos will get one part of company's revenue.

Here's list of companies I use to make money by watching YouTube videos (or to promote my videos and channel).

1. FanSlave is my first choice for making money by watching YouTube videos. You will earn from $0.002 - $0.005 for each watched video but You will get lots of them every day. FanSlave offers marketing services across several popular websites (not just YouTube) so You'll have more then one option to earn cash here.

2. Paid2YouTube is company 100% oriented around YouTube. Here You can make money by watching YouTube videos, liking videos, subscribing to YouTube channels or writing constructive comments below videos.

Here's list of potential earnings:
Watch Video: $0.005 (30 seconds long)
Post a Comment: $0.10 (write a good comment, not just "Good Job" or something like that)
Subscribe: $0.15 (do not unsubscribe)
Like Video: $0.01